Upgrade to CI/CD environment with
FLAS enabled Continuous Testing


Rapidly build automation test scripts by
recalling ready scripts from libraries.


Reduce dependence on highly priced
bulk licenses to optimize cost


FLAS rich eco-system allows organization to optimize its usage
with easy integration with multiple tools and software.


By disengaging the control from the machine, FLAS makes it
possible to manage any number of tests from a single location.
Add multiple real or virtual machines and yet retail control from
a consolidated center.


FLAS revolutionizes your Test Automation process. It is a powerful CI/CD enabler and accelerator of DevOps innovations. Using simple keywords, it empowers manual testers with no coding knowledge, to create test automation scripts that effectively enable continuous testing.

  • Built using open source tools and based on python framework, it enables the easy test automation of Web-API, rest API, XML-RPC, Web-UI,CLI-API automation.
  • Supports running of automated scripts across multiple variables as a single integrated test strategy.
  • Initiates automation testing through web interface and Jenkins
  • Integrates with defect tracking system, Jira and test case management systems
  • Integrates with communication channels like SLACK and email
  • Generates well drafted XML,HTML reports accessible through a web server
  • Provides analytics of test runs on time, projects and test run metrics
  • Authenticates web interface through role based authentication system
  • Uses web API to initiate a test run
  • Uses web interface to plan the test suite
  • Drives test requests initiated to go through different states like waiting, testing, completed, error
  • Periodically checks the available virtual environments to initiate any test request in waiting state
  • Places log URLs in the test activity pages posttest completion.
  • Allows re-run option to users who wish to rerun the test suite/test request
  • Integrates test scripts with the Jira test case management system
  • Reports bugs when the test case fails in Jira by attaching the logs
  • Analytics Geo-Sync feature consolidates and makes available all test cases in a single repository.
  • Upcoming versions will offer Big Data analytics and Machine Learning features


Analytics Dashboard

Gain insights and monitor progress
with view of detailed analytics of users,
projects, status of projects

Versatile and Adaptable

FLAS is a versatile tool that can be placed
on a standalone server or on the Cloud.
Works well in a multi-tenant, multi project,
multi user test run environment.

Makes Money Sense

Your OPEX/CAPEX impact is minimal.
Eliminate license costs and reduce
resource costs.

Speeds up time-to-market

With a tool that simplifies automation tests, the testing process becomes shorter.
Frequent releases are no longer a challenge and quality improves dramatically.

Upcoming features

Create network of projects and collect all test data in a single location.
Run analytics to gain deep insights that add value and enhance your processes.


Multi Tenancy FLASCloud is a software as-a-service (SaaS) application. It is a multi-tenant offering available on VMware cloud, AWS, Azure clouds. Given that it is a cloud hosted product, auto scaling is a key highlight.

Security Data confidentiality is critical to business. FLAS ensure app security by encrypting customer data at rest as well as in transit making it a highly secure product. Passwords are encrypted file uploads/downloads are secured and webserver security mechanisms are always used. Payment processing is done in the highest level of security and customer payment card and bank details are not stored under any circumstances

Administration Each customer gets to define a member in Admin role. The Admin has access to the page to configure the organization’s tools and system. The role allows the user to change the configurations, add/edit/delete users of the system. New roles can also be added/deleted/.edited by the Admin. New feature addition and disablement powers are also vested in the role.

Continuous Deployment is focused on accelerating the software release cycle. The aim is to minimize the time elapsed between code writing and code release into the production environment. FLASCloud makes this possible through rigorous automated testing. For maximum efficiency, users set up the specific requirements by defining the parameters. FLASCloud allows the following-

  • Define customer specific configuration files and formats to be included in environment setup.
  • Define various setup labels and definitions
  • Define location/mechanism for customers to upload configuration files
  • Access mechanism that reads inventory and details files and deploys the configuration using Ansible
  • Access logs of deployment status in real time
  • Ability to deploy VMs, instances on cloud, install packages, software, apply patches, apply software Specific configurations.

Tool ecosystem: An integrated tools eco system makes the FLAS a powerful facilitator.

  • Supports integration with industry standards tools
  • Designed to easily integrate newer tools into the eco-system
  • Integrates with JIRA
  • Integrates with GIT
  • Integrates with Jenkins
  • Integrates with bug tracking systems
  • Integrates with test management systems

Role Based Access: Superior security features demand role based access.

  • Each tenant can create different roles and users
  • User defines hierarchy with in their organization
  • Each role provides strict access only to permitted features
  • Access to reports and analytics is also role specific


  • FLAS is deployed on to AWS using the code pipe line and other AWS specific DevOps tools
  • Complete DevOps environment is setup to ensure CI and CD (staging and production) enablement.


FLASCloud is an end-to-end test process automation solution.

Equipped with an eco-system of tools that easily integrates with the unit under test, it is a powerful CI/CD enabler allowing Continuous Testing (CT).

Designed to support DevOps and driven by agile philosophy, it allows anytime-anywhere testing across the globe that can be managed through a converged control center on the cloud.

FLASCloud is a CI/CD enabler that allows continuous testing. It comes with an eco-system of tools that integrate with various systems effortlessly. It follows agile philosophy and provide support to DevOps.

In enterprises testing occurs across multiple geos. FLAS helps manage tests running across various locations, with a Control unit that lies in a converged, centralized control center on the cloud.

In FLASCloud you get a smart test automation tool that supports the complete test cycle from end to end – Test Automation, Development, Execution, Management and Deployment – all through a single, secure tool.

Highlights of FLASCloud

      Multi tenanted
      License based pricing model

As CI/CD enabler, FLAS has certain unmatchable features.

  • It’s an End-to-end test automation tool that lets you to write test cases on the cloud and directly save on it.
  • The Architecture consists of a FLAS controller with a set of modules. Actual test cases will be executed through instances created by workers on Virtual Machines.
  • The solution can be run on the cloud or on-prem. It is possible to create test cases in your datacenter and then pull it back into the cloud.

Licensing Model

The licensing model is module based and not user based. Charges will depend on number of modules used. The user is free to add on as many users as required for a paid module.

  • Base License: This will cover a base project cost. Additional charges will emerge only when additional workers are deployed
  • Analytics Module: This module will provide in depth, analytical reports which are crucial to businesses today.
  • Geo-Sync License: This license will allow you to sync data back o the cloud.
  • Deployment Module: A deployment module gives you the choice of environment – VMware/Azure/AWS cloud or standalone UNIX machine.

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