About us

FLAS is a powerful CI/CD enabler that allows manual testers without coding knowledge, to create test automation scripts.

Increasing adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies has made continuous testing a crucial requisite in the SDLC. While Test Automation is the obvious solution, making the transition is not easy. There are several challenges in making the move from manual testing to automation.

Enterprises face several issues such as lack of required resources, an incompatible environment, and absence of right know-how besides time and cost constraints.

FLAS seeks to bridge this gap.

Existing manual testers can write automation code using English like language using the FLAS tool. It thus eliminates the need to hire large teams of highly qualified automation engineers to create automation tests. It allows easy scripting of automation codes in a time and effort efficient way. Ready availability of libraries speeds up testing process reducing time-to-market.

Test Easily, Test Early and Test More – all at minimal additional cost is the mantra with FLAS